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Initial Assessment

An initial assessment forms the start of any psychological therapy. We will discuss your health journey so far, the difficulties you are experiencing, and what you would like to achieve in therapy. We will cover any diagnoses and treatments, your wellbeing, support network, strengths and risk factors (if any). At the end of the assessment, we will agree on a plan for moving forward together.

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Therapy Sessions

You can choose to attend therapy sessions on your own or have family members join you, depending on what feels right for you.

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Culturally Sensitive Therapy

For many individuals, finding a therapist who understands your culture and ethnic background is essential when seeking mental health support. As a clinical psychologist with a Chinese & East Asian background, Dr Jinnie Ooi provides culturally sensitive therapy that respects and integrates the unique perspectives and values of those from diverse backgrounds. We recognise the importance of tailoring therapy to align with your cultural identity, as it plays a significant role in shaping your experiences, values, and needs. If you have any specific cultural considerations for your therapy, we can ensure your experience is personalised and inclusive.

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