Family Therapy

Families are the cornerstone of our lives, providing love, support, and a sense of belonging. Yet, family dynamics can sometimes be a source of stress and conflict. Family therapy is a specialised form of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing issues within the family context. It recognises that family interactions and dynamics can significantly impact individual wellbeing. It works collaboratively with the family to explore and resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and foster healthier relationships.

There are a number of reasons and challenges why you may be seeking family therapy, including:

  1. Communication Problems: Difficulty in expressing thoughts and emotions or misunderstanding each other can lead to tension within the family.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Family therapy can offer effective strategies to manage and resolve conflicts, preventing them from escalating.
  3. Parent-Child Relationship: Parents may seek therapy to improve their connection with their children or address behavioural issues in the family.
  4. Loss, Bereavement and Grief: Coping with the death of a loved one or other significant losses can strain family bonds and require support.
  5. Illness or Mental Health Issues: When a family member is struggling with a physical health condition or mental health difficulties, it can have a profound impact on the entire family unit.
  6. Life Transitions: Major life changes, such as divorce, relocation, or blending families, can be overwhelming for everyone involved and may benefit from therapeutic support.
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Nurturing Family Bonds

At Angsana Psychology, our skilled clinical psychologist Dr. Jinnie Ooi offers confidential and non-judgmental family counselling in Norwich. Our approach integrates evidence-based techniques, including Systemic Therapy and Narrative Therapy, tailored to each family’s unique dynamics and needs. Within our online and in-person therapeutic environment, we work collaboratively with families to identify and address the root causes of their challenges.

Family Counselling Norwich

If your family is facing challenges that are impacting your wellbeing and harmony, take the first step and inquire about our family therapy services in Norwich. Contact us today for an initial assessment where we can discuss your family’s specific concerns and create a personalised therapy plan to nurture healthier and more fulfilling family relationships.

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