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Palliative Care Counselling

Learning that you have a terminal illness can be a huge shock. When the focus moves from trying to cure illness to palliative care, a mix of tough realities and emotional challenges are often brought to the forefront. Palliative care counselling can play a crucial role in supporting individuals facing life-limiting illnesses, and their families.

Mental Health Issues Connected to Palliative Needs

  • Anxiety and Uncertainty: Facing the unknown aspects of life-limiting illnesses, including the end-of-life journey can lead to heightened anxiety, both for the individual receiving care and their family members.
  • Depression: The impact of a life-limiting illness can trigger feelings of hopelessness, grief and loss.
  • Existential Distress: Individuals may grapple with existential questions and concerns about the meaning and purpose of life.
  • Family Dynamics: The strain on family relationships and the caregiving role can lead to conflict, stress, and emotional strain among family members.

Navigating the emotional landscape of palliative care requires a nuanced and compassionate approach. Here at Angsana Psychology, we offer specialised counselling services tailored to the unique needs of individuals and their families navigating palliative and end-of-life care.

Palliative Counselling

As a clinical psychologist in Norwich, Dr Jinnie Ooi provides compassionate and understanding mental health support during this challenging phase of life. Working alongside the individual, we can help to developing coping strategies to manage the emotional challenges associated with palliative care, providing a safe space to express fears. In addition to this, our end-of-life counselling can also help individuals to find meaning and purpose in the midst of life’s final stages.

Palliative Care Counselling Norwich

If you or your loved ones are seeking support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how we can help. Contact us today for an initial assessment with our counsellor in Norwich.

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