Counselling for Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) refer to physical symptoms that persist despite thorough medical evaluation, with no easily identifiable underlying medical cause. These symptoms, which can include pain, fatigue, dizziness, and gastrointestinal issues, often lead to frustration, confusion, and distress for individuals seeking answers and relief. Counselling offers a safe space for individuals with complex and unexplained physical symptoms to feel heard, validated, and understood, reducing feelings of isolation and self-doubt.

Professional counselling and therapy for those with complex unexplained physical symptoms can also help in a number of other ways, including:

  • Validation and Understanding: Counselling provides a safe space for individuals with MUS to feel heard, validated, and understood, reducing feelings of isolation and self-doubt.
  • Exploration of Psychological Factors: Our therapist in Norwich helps clients explore the potential psychological factors contributing to their symptoms, such as stressful life experiences and trauma, them to address underlying issues.
  • Coping Strategies: Counselling equips individuals with practical coping skills to manage symptoms, reduce distress, and improve overall well-being, enhancing their ability to function and cope with uncertainty.
  • Behavioural Changes: Therapists work collaboratively with clients to identify maladaptive behaviours and thought patterns that may exacerbate symptoms, facilitating healthier coping mechanisms and lifestyle adjustments.

Medically Unexplained Symptoms Counselling Norwich

Here at Angsana Psychology, we provide psychotherapy and counselling in Norwich for those experiencing medically unexplained symptoms. Our experienced clinical psychologists provide compassionate support and evidence-based interventions to address the psychological aspects of MUS. Whether you’re seeking validation, coping strategies, or a deeper understanding of your symptoms, our goal is to empower you to navigate your challenges with resilience and improved wellbeing.

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With our collaborative approach that integrates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and psychoeducation, we help individuals reclaim control over their lives and thrive despite MUS. If you’re seeking support and validation for your symptoms, we’re here to help you on your journey towards healing and recovery. Contact us¬†today for your initial assessment with our therapist in Norwich.

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