Long Covid Counselling

For many people, the experience of COVID-19 goes far beyond the initial infection.  While most people recover within a few weeks, a significant number develop long-term effects known as Long Covid, or post-COVID syndrome. Long Covid can manifest in a variety of ways, with symptoms often including fatigue, difficulty breathing, pain, brain fog, and sleep disturbances. These symptoms can be wide-ranging and persistent, affecting not just physical health but also cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Emotional Impact of Long Covid

  • Anxiety & Depression: The uncertainty and frustration associated with long-term symptoms can lead to anxiety and depression.
  • Fear & Frustration: The fear of relapse or worsening symptoms can be overwhelming.
  • Anger & Isolation: Feeling misunderstood or unable to participate in activities you once enjoyed can lead to anger and isolation.
  • Difficulty Adjusting: Adjusting to a new “normal” with limitations can be a significant challenge.

At Angsana Psychology, our psychologist in Norwich, Dr Jinnie Ooi, provides compassionate counselling services to help you to manage the emotional impact of Long Covid and navigate your road to recovery.

Long Covid Counselling Norwich

Within our Long Covid counselling in Norwich, we aim to create a safe space to explore the emotional rollercoaster of Long Covid. Using a range of evidence-based therapy techniques, we will explore effective strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as helping you to adjust to any major life changes. Additionally, Long Covid Counselling can help you to build resilience and develop the coping skills to navigate your recovery journey.

If you are interested in learning more about Long Covid counselling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our clinical psychologist in Norwich. Contact us today for your initial assessment with our therapist in Norwich, where we will discuss your physical and mental health, and your therapy goals.