Menopause Counselling

Menopause is a natural biological process which typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Alongside hormonal changes and physical symptoms, women may also experience fluctuations in mood such as anxiety and low mood. Dedicated menopause counselling provides a supportive space for women to express and process emotions related to the physical changes and life transitions associated with menopause.

How Menopause Counselling Can Help

There are a number of ways in which counselling can help during menopause, including:

  • Symptom Management: Therapists offer coping strategies to manage symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, and irritability, helping women navigate these challenges more effectively.
  • Education and Psychoeducation: Counselling offers information and psychoeducation about menopause, helping women understand the biological and psychological changes they may experience.
  • Self-Exploration: Through counselling, women can explore identity shifts and existential concerns that may arise during menopause, facilitating a deeper understanding of themselves and their evolving social roles and
  • Relationship Support: Counselling can address changes in intimate relationships and communication dynamics that may occur during menopause, fostering healthier connections with partners and loved ones.

Menopause Counselling Norwich

Based in Norwich, we offer counselling at Angsana Psychology tailored to women navigating the menopausal transition. Our experienced clinical psychologist Dr Jinnie Ooi provides a safe and supportive space to explore your concerns, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and navigate menopause with greater confidence. Whether you’re struggling with hormonal fluctuations, mood changes, or adjusting to life after menopause, our goal is to empower you to navigate this phase with resilience and well-being.

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If you are experiencing emotional challenges related to menopause, counselling can offer invaluable support; contact our therapist in Norwich today to learn more or to book your initial consultation.

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