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Rare Genetic Disorders Counselling

Rare genetic disorders are characterised by genetic mutations or abnormalities that affect a small percentage of the population. These disorders often present unique challenges for individuals and their families, including complex medical needs, emotional distress, and uncertainty about the future. For individuals and families affected by rare genetic disorders, counselling provides a safe space to express their feelings, fears, and concerns, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting emotional well-being.

How Counselling Can Help

  • Coping Strategies: Counselling equips individuals and families with practical coping strategies to manage the unique challenges associated with rare genetic disorders, including medical appointments, caregiving responsibilities, and decision-making about treatment options.
  • Family Dynamics: Counselling can address the impact of the genetic disorder on family dynamics, relationships, and communication, fostering resilience and strengthening familial bonds.
  • Quality of Life: By addressing emotional distress and enhancing coping skills, counselling can improve the overall quality of life for individuals and families affected by rare genetic disorders.

Rare Genetic Disorders Counselling Norwich

At Angsana Psychology, our psychologist in Norwich offers counselling tailored to individuals and families affected by rare genetic disorders. Whether you’re seeking emotional support, information, or practical coping strategies, our goal is to empower you to navigate the challenges of rare genetic disorders with resilience and well-being.

Speak to Our Therapist in Norwich

Our clinical psychologist, Dr Jinnie Ooi, provides compassionate support and evidence-based interventions to address the emotional and psychological aspects of living with a rare genetic disorder. Through a integrative approach that combines cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), we help individuals and families thrive despite the unique challenges they face. If you’re seeking support for yourself or a loved one affected by a rare genetic disorder, contact us¬†today for an initial assessment.

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